Guess where I’ve been?

Well, for the past week I’ve been attending the most boring conference in the world as well as having a little holiday in Sydney. While I found that Sydney shopping is just as good as home (except for Kinokuniya, which I love dearly), I managed to do some sightseeing too.

This is what I came home with in terms of reading material:

(Excuse the dodgy pictures, it was late when I took them).

And today’s finds at the local shopping centre:

I do have some reviews written  and another three or so to write, so please expect to see in the near future reviews of:

  • The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson
  • Sahara by Michael Palin
  • Queen of the Big Time by Adriana Trigiani
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark
  • Down Under by Bill Bryson
  • The Song of Silver Frond by Catherine Lim

Have a lovely weekend!


5 thoughts on “Guess where I’ve been?

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  1. Ugh boring conferences, there’s nothing worse! Looks like you had a good time in Sydney regardless though. Love the first pic with the seagull juxtaposed against the harbour bridge. I don’t know why but for some reason I thought you lived in Sydney… Probably a common assumption for people online in NSW to make.

    It’s so interesting leafing through the foreign language magazines, is that a Japanese one? My cousin lived in Japan until recently and was working as a hair model and always sending magazines she was in home for the family to look through. They were always really interesting to browse.

    1. I was missing my birds when I took the seagull pic- if only it had been sunnier that day…most pics need some cropping as the ferry was bouncing about. I’m actually a Perth girl, but I used to go to Sydney a lot for work, so it was nice to have some time out.
      Both the mags are Japanese (I learnt it for six years at school, but am a bit rusty)- I love the ads and I think not being able to read it all makes me imagine more! I would have bought more if they weren’t so expensive!

  2. Sydney sounds so exiting and far away to me! 🙂 And the best travelling includes books. Hope you liked The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, looking forward to reading your review of that.

  3. Great photos of Sydney. I enjoy visiting there and being a tourist. The harbour is magnificent. There are other cities of Australia that I prefer though.

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