Homecoming by Cathy Kelly

Cathy Kelly is back on track in this latest heartwarming tale (is it just me or is she becoming more like Maeve Binchy as time goes on)? This is the type of book you can snuggle up with, a cup of tea and biscuits in one hand. It’s easy to read, the plot is interesting but not exceptionally brain-taxing and it’s fun.

Like other Cathy Kelly novels, this book is set in Ireland and has several main female characters. There’s Eleanor, returning to Ireland after a life in New York; Rae, whose happy face hides a painful past; Megan, the movie star hiding from the papparazi and Connie, a kind hearted teacher who has all but given up on love.

You know the drill. As all the characters are living in the same square, of course they meet up and become friends, helping to guide each other through problems. It’s a happy ending, but you knew that before you picked up the book, right?

You may be thinking- why read this book then? Well, apart from some awkward sounding dialogue, it’s an easy read. The characters are well thought out and you can easily picture in your mind the square and Titania’s Tea Rooms. It leaves you with a warm, happy feeling that sometimes things just all work out (eventually). It’s also a quick read and would be ideal for a short break or just a cozy book before bed. It would also make a good present for your mum or grandmother.

8 out of 10.

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  1. That’s Maeve Binchy isn’t it? I finished it the other day and loved it. You don’t need to have read any of her other books but she discreetly brings in characters from her previous books. A great, light read.

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