Full Circle by Michael Palin

Yes, another Michael Palin book review (you may be happy to know that I have only two more of his books in my possession)! This is another one of his travel odysseys, this time completing a circle around the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. From Alaska to Russia, China, Vietnam, Australia, Chile, Mexico and the USA (to name a few), Michael and his team become involved in daily life. This is different to the Around the World in Eighty Days concept, as aeroplanes may be used in transport, but there are still exotic boat and train journeys to impress us.

This is an accompaniment to the BBC TV series (which I haven’t finished watching)- but you can still read the book if you haven’t watched the TV series. Michael Palin describes views and events with clarity that will transport you to far reaches of the world.

In this book, he visits Australia (namely the Top End- ie. the Northern Territory is described) and it’s interesting to see an Englishman’s take on the remoteness. I find that area of Australia less remote (it’s only a couple of hundred kilometres between towns, not roadhouses/service stations- excellent) but I suppose it’s a lot different from England!

I found reading about Japan and Chile particularly interesting as I love Japan (and interesting to compare notes) and Chile because I’ve never even thought about visiting there!

Once again, this is a well written travelogue by Palin that invites wanderlust!

8.5 out of 10.

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  1. This was my favorite of Palin’s books that I have read. I can testify that you don’t need to have seen the documentary to enjoy the book. I still haven’t seen it.

    1. That’s good to know- I have Himalaya and Pole to Pole to read (which I really want to read), but I haven’t watched the series yet (I am so slack when it comes to watching TV series)!

  2. I am not at all familar with these books, so I am really glad that you reviewed this one 🙂
    I’m not much of a world traveler, so these kinds of books are great for me because I can live vicarously through the pages, lol.

    1. Me neither- my passport has far too many blank pages (and you don’t even get a stamp if you’re an Aussie going to New Zealand). I love to read books about places I’m highly unlikely to visit anytime soon!

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