Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen


I wasn’t intending to read another Anna Godbersen novel so soon (and I wasn’t terribly impressed by The Luxe), but my reservation came up at the library so I felt obliged to read it.


Bright Young Things, despite a similar premise to the Luxe series (three girls in NewYork, 1929) started off at a much jauntier pace. Letty and Cornelia leave their tiny country town for the bright lights of New York. By a lucky twist of fate, Cornelia is reunited with her estranged father (who happens to be a bootlegger) and lives a life of luxury on Long Island. Astrid befriends her, but has problems of her own – boys and family. Letty is separated from Cornelia and attempts to make the big time on Broadway.


This book is obviously part of a series and like the Luxe series, tells us at the beginning in passing what will happen. Don’t expect a resolution like the first Luxe book though – it doesn’t happen. You still can’t accurately work out each girl’s fate (although you can have a fair guess). It starts off very interesting, but flounders in the middle with not a lot happening. There’s less focus on detailed clothes descriptions and parties and a bit more on plot development this time before (with some overtones of Romeo and Juliet). The historical aspect is a bit more detailed.


I enjoyed this more than The Luxe, but perhaps that’s because the author is more experienced now. I’m not sure if I’d buy the next book in the series, but I’d probably borrow it from the library.


8 out of 10.

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