Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day- it’s still early here, but below are some pics of the day so far…

these weren’t for Christmas, but they lasted well into Christmas week! So pretty!

the galah family were ready for breakfast…

this is the baby galah- he can feed himself now…

Merry Christmas from my cockatiel (who woke up at 6am and repeated his English nonstop for about 15 mins)

and from my budgie (still early, so they’re both in their ‘houses’)

and the book loot. Thank you family! (Especially as both Ken Follett books are signed!)

Off to clean the floor now (before it gets too hot- 38C forecast and humid, yuck. I only like humid if it means I’m in Singapore) and before the rellies descend on the food.

Have a lovely day and enjoy!

 Any ideas which book I should start with? (Except for Mad Men because I haven’t finished watching Series 3 yet).

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  1. Aww you’re a Top Gear fan too? 😀 I’m currently reading Jeremy Clarkson’s books. He’s a bit of a whinger but so funny! Those are beautiful birds. Merry Christmas Sam 🙂

    1. Snow! I would love snow (except the fact that I don’t have the clothes for it nor snow chains for the car). It’s very hot again here today so it will be lazing away, reading and drinking iced tea.
      Hope you are having a lovely break!

  2. We watched quite a few Top Gear episodes on Boxing Day! So funny!

    That’s a lot of books that you got! I would love it if my family bought me books, but it never happens, mostly because they think I spend too much time reading as it is!

    1. LOL – my father used to say ‘I paid $XXX for this TV and you’ve got your nose in a book!’ (He’s had to revise his dollar figure as TVs have dropped in price). Fortunately, I can now respond with ‘But I paid $300 for this ereader!’
      It’s not unusual to have the TV off and everyone in my house reading.

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