You Know Me by Chris Heath and Robbie Williams

I should really make my confession here and now: I really like Robbie Williams, so of course I was going to buy this book. I have read Feel (his autobiography released some years ago) and thoroughly enjoyed it. What’s not to like about a man who says things like ‘I want to learn how to play the Effexor’? (Like most medical jokes, that one is not even remotely funny).

You Know Me is predominantly a photographic book of the first twenty (yes, twenty!) years of Robbie’s career from Take That to solo to Take That again. It is divided into chapters with several pages of text, then photos and Robbie’s take on them. Robbie is still amusing as ever and Chris Heath has a talent in getting the reader into (what we think at least) the mind of the real Robbie. It’s an easy read, be wannabe Mrs Williams’s beware: there are multiple references to his ‘missus’, Ayda Field. (My take: as long as you’re happy Robbie).

The photos are fantastic – Robbie in Egypt with beard (completely unrecognisable), photos on tour (some good memories) and the text gives insight into what was going on.

This is for the fans, but it’s an enjoyable, light holiday read. The photos are spectacular (my camera wouldn’t have been able to do this justice) – the only bugbear for me was the cover picture (see below) with Robbie’s eyes following me around the room!

Read it if: you love Robbie.

8.5 out of 10.

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  1. He used to be my favorite one of all the Take That boys… I think I may just have to stop myself from feeling too old to read this and just read it 🙂 (Love that pic!)

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