Australia’s Wild Weather

As if Australia hasn’t had enough bad weather…Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have had floods this summer, Sydney’s been baking and now Perth has bushfires – north of town, south east of town and around town. Pretty distressing, as I used to work near the fires in Roleystone and Kelmscott, as well as having friends in both areas. 35 homes in Roleystone and surrounds have been destroyed.

I don’t live nearby, but the light turned that yellow that means bushfire and the easterly wind continues to blow really strongly…

The sunset clouded by smoke…

The smoke in the distance…

I hope that everyone is safe and well tonight.

(Please do NOT steal my pictures- credit where credit’s due and ask my permission!)


8 thoughts on “Australia’s Wild Weather

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  1. It has been a really strange summer. Lots of my family are over there. Elderly grandparents have been evacuated, dad is still staying at this point. Other family having to face the stay or go decision.

  2. I’ve seen the floods on the news, this is the first time I saw the fires… Mother Nature is not being very kind to Australia at the moment 😦 Stay safe!
    Hope you get your car fixed & back soon!

  3. We’ve been seeing all your horrible weather on the news. Seems like the whole planet is having a bad year. I’m currently buried under 2 feet (60 cm) of snow with even bigger drifts.

    The colors are lovely in that photo… too bad it’s caused by fire and not just a beautiful sunset.

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