Glory Girl by Peter Yeldham

Glory Girl was yet another Christmas present I received. It had one of those stickers ‘love this book or your money back’ on it – I actively dislike those. Is it telling me that I’ll love this book with a passion? Or that the publisher is not that sure about it and willing to give it a chance? What is actually meant by ‘love this book’? I enjoyed this book but I think it’s a bit extreme to say love. Does that mean a refund? (Obviously not, because it was a present and I don’t have the receipt). I enjoyed this book, but I preferred Barbed Wire and Roses.

The blurb on the back of the book really covers only a small part of the book. It is about Daniel, an Australian journalist who is working on Fleet Street who meets Sarah Carson when she crashes a function at Australia House. They quickly move in together (it is 1927) when Daniel discovers Sarah’s love of flying. One night they meet an old acquaintance, James Harrington, who is planning to fly from London to Australia – the first person to do. Sarah convinces him that she should join him and Daniel covers the event for his newspaper. The flight is not without problems, but the story continues long after that. With fame comes problems and notoriety. Several years later, Daniel receives a plea for help from Sarah and quickly travels to Florida where it seems they are in deep trouble… (I don’t want to give away too much more of the plot here). So it’s not just about flying, it’s about tall poppy syndrome, social norms of the time and what happens after something momentous occurs.

Did I enjoy it? Yes I did. I didn’t find the character of Sarah too engaging, because she was quite flawed (and so was James for that matter). But it’s still true to life and the events post-flight were quite surprising. What was even more surprising was that the story was modelled on true events 

Read it if: you’ve ever complained about being stuck in a plane (their journey took weeks!) or if you’re interested flying in the 1920s.

7 out of 10.


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    1. I’ve bought three more of his books (also available as ebooks). They’re really good, plus he was a screenwriter for All the Rivers Run (one of my favourite miniseries).

  1. Enjoyed the book, but no comparison to Barbed Wire & Roses; interesting times and events. supposedly based on real events?, shows that even “heroes” end up leading normal lives.

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