Smithereens by Shaun Micallef


Yes, it does need to be that big. (Original 2004 cover)

Smithereens was originally published in 2004 and has been re-released this year. As a long time Micallef fan (from Full Frontal to The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) to Micallef Tonight), I am reviewing the original edition. The new edition does contain some changes though, noted by Micallef himself as well as some sections missing (such as the letter allegedly written by Jonathan Shier – wonder if anyone remembers him?) 

Shaun Micallef is a former lawyer turned comedian and self-proclaimed ‘Renaissance man’. (I say that tongue in cheek). I am a big fan of his dry, subtle humour; especially his play on words which I worry sometimes goes over the heads of those watching Talking ‘Bout Your Generation (humourous Australian game show). He is also the creator of such characters as Fabio, the most beautiful man in the cosmos; Nobby Doldrums, Milo Kerrigan, David McGahan, Roger Explosion (played by David McGahan), Dr Miracle and District Attorney Ferguson (also played by David McGahan) and Il Est Myron. He can also write too.

This book contains short works by Shaun, ranging from diary entries on the sets of his shows, to topics such as Sherlock Holmes and Australian painters. He has a brilliant knowledge and each word must be savoured so that you find all the double meanings. It also comes with a page of non-adhesive stickers. (When you think about it, the world is full of non-adhesive stickers).

My words alone will not to justice to this excellent collection and I resist the temptation to include the words ‘goaty creatures’ or ‘STAT!’. I am looking forward to his novel Preincarnate (available at a bookstore or Kobo eBooks – Micallef goodness must be shared).

Read it if: you enjoy obscure references and laughing hysterically on public transport.

9 out of 10.

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