My Holiday

Where did I go on my holiday?

I went to Singapore! These are pictures of Marina Bay Sands, an ‘integrated resort’  located on the main island. It contains one of the island’s first casinos (free for foreigners, $100SG for locals). I didn’t go it, it looked like all the other casinos everywhere.

There’s also a big shopping centre (still in the process of being finished) and see that ‘ship’ on top? You can go up there, it’s called the SkyPark. (I didn’t, given the cloudy, sticky weather, the entrance fee – something like $16-20 SG and the fact I’m not keen on heights).

One of the levels of The Marina Bay Shoppes.

You can ride in a gondola for $9 SG (sorry, didn’t do this either!)

And a giant Ferragamo!

While I enjoyed my trip out to Marina Bay Sands (only about 15-20 mins from Orchard Rd via the train, MRT), it’s not a must see, especially compared to Orchard Rd for shopping. Stay tuned for the Orchard Rd edition…


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  1. Yay! Hope you had a great holiday! I went up to the Sky Park when I was in Singapore, it was nice but pretty expensive. Wish I’d checked out the Marina Bay shops, they look cool.

    1. I honestly think Orchard Rd is better – most are designer (eg. Chanel, LV etc) with some oddities thrown in (a small supermarket, Crocs and OPI – although I did like OPI!).
      We had a great view of the city coming in to land, so that was another reason I didn’t bother with the Sky Park.

  2. Awesome photos Sam. I went to Marina Bay Sands when I was up there. I wasn’t very impresses with the shops. I had trouble finding somewhere to have a coffee.

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