The Ultimate Guide to Mad Men by Will Dean

This book offers excellent coverage of the first three series of Mad Men. It contains episode synopses, a review and critique by the author, followed by points to note (eg. pop culture, timelines) and comments from the ‘typing pool’. The typing pool are comments from the author’s blog (on the Guardian website) and are very well thought out with a lot of thought provoking points. The book also contains interviews with some of the actors (yes, Jon Hamm is there).

I really enjoyed this book – it reignited my love for the TV show as well as providing a sound reference for things I’d forgotten. I read the last few episode guides along with watching the show – these people are very perceptive, noting a lot of things that I’d missed! There is also a lot more fandom related to Mad Men  out there that I’d realised – this book introduces us to the Peggy Olsons on Twitter (good and bad), Sad Don Draper and What Would Don Draper Do? Worth a look if you’re a fan of the show.

A good reference for fans of the show, or those looking to get better acquainted with Sterling Cooper and associates. There are no pictures though, so you will need to find your fashion somewhere else.

Read it if: You need more Mad Men. Now.

8 out of 10.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Mad Men by Will Dean

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  1. Something about this show… I just love it. And I do need more Mad Men, especially now that they have delayed filming on the next season.

    1. I know what you mean – I’m going to try very hard to drag out my DVD of Season 4 for as long as possible. It’s just such a perfect representation – the clothes, mood, characters are all fantastic.

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