Persephone Secret Santa deliveries!

My Persephone Secret Santa has been very busy already! I have received not one, not two but three deliveries in the last three days! What a lovely thing to return to after being out of the office!

Clue #1: A postcard from Kansas. Did you know early settlers in Kansas used limestone for posts (‘postrocks’) due to a lack of trees? Kansas looks lovely, full of open spaces.

Clue #2: A first class international envelope (that sounds so sophisticated, better than air mail) with cool stamps…

…and a Persephone themed card. Better early than late Santa!

Which book could it be from? Is this a hint?

And finally, a parcel all the way from London:

I didn’t open it Santa. I really wanted to (and my colleague begged me to!) but it’s now on my desk, waiting to be put under the Christmas tree (it’s not up yet).

Thank you Secret Santa! You are doing a fantastic job and I love all your clues!


8 thoughts on “Persephone Secret Santa deliveries!

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  1. Now that looks like a fun Secret Santa to have. And cool stamps too. It’s not going to be easy to wait a month to open that package.

    I did know that Kansas and Nebraska were seriously lacking trees in the late 1800’s. Trees were eventually planted to get folks to move there and Arbor Day was born… but that’s another story!

  2. I did lay it on pretty thick. I loved sending the clues!
    I grew up in Kansas; I’ve lived in Massachusetts for 7 1/2 years now. Most family is back in Kansas and Nebraska. It’s a lovely lovely state – don’t let anyone tell you it is only boring and flat.
    Can you tell I can be a bit chatty?

    1. I loved receiving the clues and trying to work it out! I wasn’t successful until the last clue, but boy, did I do plenty of searching in between! I haven’t travelled to the USA, so my knowledge comes from books, TV and the internet. Will have to look and see if it compares with Australia’s Nullarbor – that’s flat but definitely not boring!

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