Flawless by Tilly Bagshawe

A quick rundown… A fun chick-lit set in the diamond dealing business. Sex, romance, intrigue, goodies and baddies all in one.

Strengths: Light and easy, a bit of conscience thrown in.

Weaknesses: Some scenes are a little clichéd.

Why I read it: I like chick lit by Ms Bagshawe.

Pages: 400

Published: 2009

Publisher: Orion

Setting: United Kingdom, Africa, Russia, USA

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Flawless is a perfect book for the times when you need to escape the daily grind but don’t want to bog yourself down in a serious, convoluted book. This book is exaggerated fun – the hunks are hunky, the women beautiful, the baddies bad and the plot interesting but easy enough to be remembered. While not as much fun for me as Adored (which was perfect escapist fare), this book is still a very good beach read.

Flawless centres around the diamond industry – the heroine, Scarlett Drummond Murray designs jewellery; the Meyer twins (Jake and Danny) are diamond dealers and the baddie, Brogan, owns diamond mines. This is how all the characters link up initially, at diamond dinners and trading stones. Scarlett sticks out somewhat in the diamond business, as she runs a campaign for Trade Fair diamonds (diamonds that are not the product of war, where workers are fairly treated). This gets her into a lot of trouble with a number of people, mainly Brogan. Then strange things start to happen – her tyres are slashed and her shop burns down. Scarlett then moves to L.A. to work with Jake Meyer, but their relationship is topsy turvy…

I’m sure you can guess what happens from there, but that doesn’t make the journey of the book any less fun. While not as good as some of her other books, Flawless (also known as Perfect in some areas) is above the standard for chick lit. Bagshawe puts in the ethical message about Trade Fair diamonds as well as having several plot threads running. Flawless doesn’t quite hit the wild peaks and troughs of this kind of genre, but it’s still solid, containing passion, intrigue and fiery arguments. The characters are likeable and flawed enough to make things more memorable. Some of the turns of phrase are clichéd (in particular, the sex scenes) but you do notice this less as the book continues.

A light story, good for escapism.

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