How Hard Can it Be? By Jeremy Clarkson

A quick rundown… The World According to Clarkson Volume 4 – full of grumpy, yet witty and strangely sensible observations.

Strengths: Very funny, and Clarkson knows how to take things to extremes.

Weaknesses: Readers of his newspaper columns may have already read these.

Why I read it: Have read the other three books and I love Top Gear.

Pages: 352 (ebook)

Published: 2010

Publisher: Penguin

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

If you liked this, try: The other World According to Clarkson books (such as For Crying Out Loud!)

Jeremy Clarkson is outspoken. We all know that, given recent comments that made worldwide media headlines. He’s also very funny, not only on the TV, but in print too. How Hard Can it Be?, which Top Gear fans will know as one of the show’s catch cries (along with ‘Loser!’ and ‘That’s not gone well, has it?’). This is not a book of Top Gear anecdotes (how good would that be?), but the fourth collection of his newspaper columns published in the UK. This may be a detractor for those readers in the UK, but not for those Down Under. (These are not motoring columns, although cars and other transport do feature occasionally, but articles on what is wrong with the world at large).

Clarkson’s columns are to put it simply, very funny. There is often logic and truth to what he’s saying is wrong with the world and how it should be fixed. He writes clearly, succinctly and with just enough information about Top Gear to keep the fans turning the pages and the non-fans (all three of them) entertained. His rants and raves can be applied to a larger audience – some of the articles you might get more out of if you’re from the UK (for example, local politicians), but there’s always Google if you’re interested.

Yes, it is grumpy and politically incorrect at times but that’s what makes it worth a guilty giggle or two. A great book to pick up and put down (e.g. on public transport) due to the length of the columns.

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