Persephone Secret Santa revealed

Happy Persephone Secret Santa everyone! Today was finally the day that I got to open the parcel that has been sitting patiently on my desk.

Here it is, under flash in early morning light:

Wrapped so well! I love that only one piece of ribbon was used for the bow (I can’t do that, I’m terribly uncoordinated with gift wrapping). That print on the bookmark looks familiar…

Here is the lovely grey book inside – The Priory by Dorothy Whipple. It’s lovely and weighty, perfect for a holiday read. I haven’t read Dorothy Whipple before, but I’m looking forward to it. She is the author of several books in the Persephone series, including Greenbanks.

Finally, the card, which confirmed my suspicions about my Secret Santa (I hope that I’m correct):

I believe it to be Care of Care’s Online Book Club. (Your last clue with the cryptic letters in purple helped a lot). Thank you Care! You have made my first Persephone Secret Santa a really fun event (which got my entire office involved!). I loved the clues and the postcards – happy holidays and all the best!

What did your Persephone Secret Santa bring you? Merry Christmas all!


16 thoughts on “Persephone Secret Santa revealed

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  1. YES! It’s me and due to time difference, I wasn’t the first to comment here. It’s 4:45 am as I write this and I really was hoping I’d beat everyone else – ha!
    I hope you like Dorothy. I’ve only read Someone at a Distance and it was very good.

    All you had to do was google-search “Persephone Secret Clues” and you would have found me anyway. 😉 It’s fun to send clues, though and it was fun to read your posts.

    1. I made sure I got up early to open my present 🙂 That’s one benefit we have – the time difference (makes it also helpful for online ordering – order late at night Australian time and Amazon ships while I sleep!)
      It never occurred to me to search for that Google term – and I did quite a bit of hunting! I loved the clues, it was so much fun. I will report back to my workmates on Monday, they had a lot of fun too (all our mail goes in the one tray).

      1. Glad to help entertain the workmates! it IS more fun when others know a secret or share the secrecy- which is why I sent a few of my best blogbuds to comment on our post. :).

  2. Dorothy Whipple is a favourite author of mine. I haven’t read the Priory, but two of her other books were absolutely lovely. I hope you enjoy this one 🙂 And receiving clues from Care sounds like so much fun!

  3. I’m seeing such clever ways of gifting, from clues to secret messages to including other things in with the package. I’ll definitely have to take note for next year! This is such a fun part of Christmas, and I’m glad you have such a lovely book. I am so looking forward to Greenbanks! Thanks for that gift!! Did you chose to send to me, or what it lucky happenstance?

    1. I chose it 🙂 I saw that you wanted it and because I was so worried it wouldn’t arrive in time after seeing surface mail only to the US, I got it. It was just luck that I was picked to be your SS.

  4. Oh, I loved The Priory! I want to read everything Dorothy Whipple wrote but I’m trying to ration it out, to make it last longer. Merry Christmas down under and I hope you get lots of lovely books!

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