[sic] by Joshua Cody

A quick rundown… A rambling remembrance of Joshua's cancer treatments –chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. Strengths: He has a broad knowledge of a lot of subjects. Weaknesses: Very free flowing, going anywhere and everywhere. Why I read it: Sent to me by Bloomsbury – thank you. Pages: 272 Published: 2011 Publisher: Bloomsbury Setting: New York City... Continue Reading →


Persephone Secret Santa revealed

Happy Persephone Secret Santa everyone! Today was finally the day that I got to open the parcel that has been sitting patiently on my desk. Here it is, under flash in early morning light: Wrapped so well! I love that only one piece of ribbon was used for the bow (I can't do that, I'm... Continue Reading →

How Hard Can it Be? By Jeremy Clarkson

A quick rundown… The World According to Clarkson Volume 4 – full of grumpy, yet witty and strangely sensible observations. Strengths: Very funny, and Clarkson knows how to take things to extremes. Weaknesses: Readers of his newspaper columns may have already read these. Why I read it: Have read the other three books and I... Continue Reading →

Melbourne Holiday

Yes, I went to Melbourne, Australia. I'd forgotten how easy domestic travel was in Australia – no passport and you can take your water bottle! As always, Melbourne's weather was variable – from constant rain, to sunny spring weather to a day of 35 °C (although to this blogger, it didn't feel much over 30!).... Continue Reading →

Mailbox Monday 5/12/11

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia of  A Girl and Her Books and is being hosted at Let Them Read Books in December (great blog title). I have unashamedly been buying books with a passion recently, as there's sales left, right and centre. However, this mailbox is the product of a book voucher I got in return... Continue Reading →

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