The Persephone Biannually

Unfortunately I didn’t get as well as quickly as I would have liked, so most of this week was again spent sleeping and lying on the couch. Fortunately, my copy of the The Persephone Biannually (Spring/Summer 2012) arrived, so I spent plenty of time reading through it (yes, and several magazines too – I am now a Kardashian expert!).

With my trusty free drug rep pen* in hand, I made a lot of annotations in margins – * is short hand for ‘check this out, this is a likely winner’. I’m looking forward to reading Harriet by Elizabeth Jenkins, as well as seeking out The Tortoise and the Hare. Must be good if Persephone wished they had published it!

* You can’t get these any more. Fortunately, I attended a conference just before the embargo and finished up so loaded with pens, stick-it notes etc that I needed a lift home. Note that I don’t subscribe to drug named stationery being a factor in influencing prescribing, because the majority of the pens don’t last that long and the drug name wears off if you get the odd one that works! I also paid my own way to the conference. But I digress!

After reading the Biannually, I’m in two minds about reading House-Bound by Winifred Peck. Has anyone read it? What were your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “The Persephone Biannually

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    1. Which ones do you have? I checked off the ones I’ve read last night against the list and it’s so pathetic! There’s about 50 on my ‘I want to read’ list though!

    1. I loved Miss Pettigrew! It was lovely, warm and funny. The magazine has a surprising amount of reading in it – just what I needed.
      I think I need to put in a Persephone order!

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