Mailbox Monday 16th May 2012: Another Melbourne edition

You may (or may not!) have noticed that I was making sporadic comments about conferences and food last week on Twitter. That’s because I went to Melbourne for work purposes. Fortunately I am a fast walker/free tram traveller, so I managed to slip in a few bookstore visits as well.

First stop was Reader’s Feast, to look at their new store in Collins St (not that new anymore, it opened the week after I left Melbourne last year).

This book is you guessed it, all about chickens. The pictures are gorgeous!

I had been looking for The Beauty Chorus for some time, and was pleased to find it here. Crippen
was another book on my wishlist (and the book I’m currently reading references it). Up and Down Stairs
is a non-fiction book looking at the life of English servants (yes, very Downton Abbey). Running the Show
was on display and looked interesting. It covers those who governed the outposts of the British Empire in its heyday and how they were chosen, not to mention how they ran their corner of the world.

Finally, who could resist such a gorgeous version of Valley of the Dolls? I love these hardcover Virago Modern Classics.

As always, I had a lovely time at Reader’s Feast browsing and discussing with the helpful staff. A must if you’re in Melbourne!

I also had a Dymocks voucher, so went to the huge store in Collins St to spend it. I had a fun time browsing and eavesdropping on a conversation where it seemed that the caller could not locate Collins St…eventually it turned out they were in the wrong suburb!

Another one from the wishlist, The Sparrows of Edward Street
is an Australian book, set in post WWII-Sydney. (Australian readers, why is it that so many books are set in Sydney?)

My last stop was the $5 bookstore (proper title: Allbooks4less), where I managed to score some good finds after careful browsing. (The key to the huge store at South Wharf is, I believe, to go through every aisle slowly, because the covers are generally different to those commonly seen in Australia).

I managed to find two of the Orange Prize shortlist (good as I haven’t been very accurate in my previous shortlist predictions), The Forgotten Waltz and Foreign Bodies. I remember that The Violets of March
had positive reviews when some bloggers reviewed it last year. I enjoyed Kate Kerrigan’s Ellis Island, so The Miracle of Grace will tide me over until City of Hope becomes available (haven’t seen it anywhere in the two states of Australia I have checked!)

Yet another two from the wishlist – The Colour of Tea (complete with beautiful macaron cover) and The Love and Death of Caterina.

And yes, my case made it to 30kg again – winter clothes, boots and books/reading material from the conference made it difficult to lug home!

If you’ve enjoyed my Mailbox Monday, please do check out the other participants this week by visiting Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf (our host for May). Be warned though, that you’ll leave with a long wishlist and may be forced to have a big splurge!

Have a great week J


20 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 16th May 2012: Another Melbourne edition

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  1. You returned home with a nice haul of books. And a picture book of chickens… yes! I would love to have my own chickens but local ordinances prohibit chicken coops. Discriminatory, I know. It’s starting to change in some of the towns as they realize chickens are not dirty or noisy, well, if you don’t have roosters that is!

    The cover for Violets of March is the one we had here in the US. I don’t understand why all the different covers but apparently market research thinks it works. Most of your other books are new to me.

    1. I really need to check regarding whether I can have chickens. I think I can, but no roosters (although neighbours would probably complain!) I’d love some bantams.

      The copy of Violets of March is from the US. Somehow this company can import books from the US/UK and sell them for $5 AU. Not sure how that works, but I’m not complaining – the thrill of the find is quite addictive. Most are older titles. I still try to support my local bookstores though 🙂

  2. It is generally Sydney or Melbourne but I have just read one set in Hobart and one set in Brisbane 🙂

    1. I’ve read a couple that had Perth sections, but nothing completely set in Perth. Adelaide I’ve seen used as a base in historical novels, but I can’t remember reading a book set in Darwin or Brisbane (or even Canberra).

  3. I love the Chicken book. Like Leslie I would love to have chickens.
    I’m glad you were able to get to the bookstores as well as your conference.

    1. I would like chickens too. Need to look into whether they’re allowed locally…
      I think it’s important to see something of the city you visit, as all conference rooms look the same, no matter where in the world you are.

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