You bought more Revlon lip butters?! Yes, I did!

Yes, I did. I love these things as you may have worked out now! I believe them to be just as good as Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks, but a lot less costly (which means that I’m more likely to put them in my handbag and touch up more often, look nicer etc etc…). I had mentioned to a work friend that I liked these and she replied that she thought they were on sale at David Jones. Thanks to the internet, I managed to confirm this in a couple of minutes (2 for $25 AU) and organise a trek to DJs during lunch. Despite the Revlon sales assistant ignoring me as I was choosing (she told me, ‘Gotta put me makeup on again after lunch, hey love?’ I kid you not!), I was assisted by the lovely SA from Laura Mercier. I picked out two only, as the stock was running low and I was running out of lunch break minutes.

I purchased 080 Strawberry Shortcake and 095, Crème Brulee. The pictures are taken in natural light, no flash. (Excuse bird feathers, they’ve been moulting!)

The pictures below are true to the actual colour, Crème Brulee looks a bit washed out if I have it on with no makeup. But with a smoky eye, it makes a lovely nude lip. Strawberry Shortcake has a little more depth on me than Cupcake.

The swatches are two coats, as both are more sheer than some of the other colour. Below, on MAC NC20 arm in natural light, Crème Brulee and Strawberry Shortcake:

These are both fairly neutral, work friendly options but can be jazzed up using lip crayons (such as Clinique Chubby sticks underneath) or lip pencils.

I don’t think I’ve worked through my lip butter fetish yet! Stay tuned!



5 thoughts on “You bought more Revlon lip butters?! Yes, I did!

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  1. Ooh I love the strawberry shortcake one. I must get back to my book. It is by Fleur McDonald. I am a little disappointed in it at the moment as it is similar to another of the ‘written by a farm person ‘book that I have read. Hoopefully the similarity will go as I* read more.

    1. Hope you like them! I’ve got Sugar Frosting on at the moment, it’s a little pale but might be a nice ‘tone-down’ colour for some lipsticks that I bought off the internet that were too bright…

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