Mailbox Monday 4/6/12: The Stocktake Sale Edition

Welcome to June, and what is allegedly meant to be winter in Australia. I can’t say that I’ve worn my winter coat yet – not even a jumper! The good thing about June in Australia is that it is the final month of the financial year, which means sales. The retail sector is suffering in Australia – thought due to the strength of the dollar and online shopping. I still support my local shops and this time of year, there are bargains to be had.

First stop was Dymocks. Unfortunately nothing for me there – I’ll wait until the sale goes on for a bit longer as good books often turn up.

Second stop was the ABC Shop, which I love because even though I don’t watch much TV, what I do watch is on ABC (Australia’s national broadcaster and an ad free zone) and SBS (all the foreign programmes as well as some excellent local ones, like Bollywood Star). The ABC Shop also has a great selection of books, being the station that has Australia’s only free to air television show about books, The First Tuesday Book Club. I’ve been eyeing off a copy of Rebecca, but sadly it wasn’t discounted. I did get three of the books below though for $5 each – Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham (apparently this is a TV show – I missed it), Brighton Rock by Graham Greene (I haven’t seen the movie) and a fiction book by The Man from Media Watch, Stuart Littlemore (Harry Curry, Counsel of Choice).

The two local discount department stores (K Mart and Big W) are also having a price war, regularly discounting books. It seems to swing back and forth between them, but Big W is currently winning in my book (non-surly staff, a tidy book section with wide variety and the opportunity to purchase Peanut Butter Lindt balls). Big W also regularly have junk mail catalogues devoted solely to books, which brings on much deliberation, cross checking of prices and highlighting in my household. I ended up with Lynda La Plante’s latest Anna Travis book, Backlash, and Tom Keneally’s novel about sisters nursing in World War I, The Daughters of Mars.
(As an aside, I seem to have poppies flowering at the moment in my yard. Surely it’s the wrong season?)

I hope you had some wonderful books enter your home over the last week and that your summer/winter day is as sunny as it was in this picture!

Please visit, who is hosting Mailbox Monday this month, for more mailbox fun and wish list building.


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