Beauty Boxes: Bellabox May 2012

And now for something completely different…new followers, do not adjust your sets! Another one of my interests is cosmetics, skincare etc. and I’d like to share with you a craze taking the beauty world by storm – beauty boxes. These are little boxes that are sent out on subscription each month containing items of beauty goodness. Often you’ll complete a survey based on your hair and skin type and how adventurous you are with your makeup to tailor the box contents to you. These beauty boxes started up late last year in Australia, but I um-ed and ah-ed for a few months before picking Bellabox based on reviews and box brands.

The May box was the first box I received. Bellabox customer service are incredibly helpful, especially to people who can’t read instructions properly after a few hours of help like me! The parcels all come with tracking, so you’ll know when your box has left Bellabox, on board for delivery and delivered! (Signature not required, but the box instructions state it should be kept out of the weather).

On opening your aqua blue box, you’ll find a box inside which is useful to store samples, pens, paper etc.

Your box contents are wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with a cute Bellabox sticker.

Then you can open your box and see the goodies inside! I received eight items, two which were full sized.

Bellabox also contain a card that tells you about each product you receive, where to buy it and how much it costs. The theme for May was Pamper Yourself, Pamper Your Mum. Below is a mini Savoir Faire lipstick in 406 Expose. It has a strong vanilla scent and is a little light for me to wear on its own, but gives some depth over a nude lip or to lighten a dark lipstick.

I also received a Glamorous Minerals eye shadow in Champagne. Over a primer, this lasts all day. It is a lovely nude with some sparkle. I did have to layer it a bit more heavily than an eye shadow from Dior, for example. I am impressed though by its staying power.

The next item was a Skinvitals face mask. I haven’t used this, but I plan to soon. It’s a cloth mask with multi-peptide technology, claiming to make me (more) radiant, smooth and youthful.

In the box were sachets of Sebastian Volupt shampoo and conditioner and Hydre deep moisturising treatment. These will be useful for a trip or when I forget to buy shampoo!

Lastly were two Avene items. Avene is a French brand which tends to be stocked in pharmacies in Australia. One sample was Ystheal Emulsion which is anti-aging, to prevent and correct sun damage. The tube is metal and sealed (very good to see in a sample!), the emulsion is lotion like and orange. It smells like vanilla and almond, sinking into the skin almost immediately.

The other Avene item was Eluage Eye contour car. It claims to work on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. I can’t say that I’m loyal to any one eye cream brand, so I’m looking forward to this when I finish my Shiseido Aqualabel. This doesn’t really have a scent and again sinks in really quickly.

So that was my first foray into beauty boxes! I received my June box today, but I’ll try out the items before I post its contents.

Are you a beauty box fan? What would you love (or hate) to see in a beauty box?


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  1. I hadn’t heard of these until recently. They seem a wonderful way to try new products. Do you think you will have tried them all by the time the next one arrives?

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