All That I Am by Anna Funder Read-A-Long

In case you didn’t know, Anna Funder’s book, All That I Am, won the Miles Franklin Prize (big Australian literary prize) this year. This was one of the million several books I had on my TBR pile, so when I saw Stephen looking for readers to join in on Twitter, I eagerly jumped in.

We’ll be reading it over the course of three weeks:

Week 1 (13/7): Page 1 – Page 124 or to location 1958 of 5680 (34%)

Week 2 (20/7): Page 125 – Page 240 or to location 3737 of 5680 (66%)

Week 3 (27/7): Page 241 – Page 363 or to location end of Book

If you’re interested, please check out Stephen’s blog post – we’d love to have you join!


One thought on “All That I Am by Anna Funder Read-A-Long

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  1. Won’t be joining for the readalong, but am happy to see that Funder has a new book out. I loved her nonfiction book Stasiland about East Germany and had been hoping she would come out with a new book. I don’t even know what this is about really but I was that impressed with Stasiland that I would be ok with picking up this one with little knowledge of what it’s about.

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