Bossypants by Tina Fey

A quick rundown…The story of Tina Fey – from growing up to bonefide Super Star.

Strengths: Very funny and honest

Weaknesses: I don’t watch any of her shows!

Why I read it: The book that’s not Fifty Shades of Grey that everyone’s talking about

Pages: 275

Published: 2011

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Setting: USA

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

If you liked this, try: I would like to be ironic and put a pop star’s biography here, but for honesty equality, I’d suggest Michael Palin’s Diaries.

If you’re looking at the cover of Bossypants, trying to work out what’s wrong with the picture but can’t, you’re not alone. It took me until almost the end of the book to work out what was the matter with Tina’s hands.

But that’s not the only confession I have to make. The second is that I have only ever seen Tina Fey in action on the news as Sarah Palin (yes, it made the evening news in my part of Australia) and on Sesame Street. I haven’t watched 30 Rock and I wouldn’t know if Saturday Night Live was even shown on TV here. So now you’re wondering, why on earth did you choose to read this?

Well, a lot of my friends and fellow bloggers have read this book and absolutely raved about. They talked about how funny this book was, how truthful and how life-affirming for the girl who hasn’t been blessed with the looks of Pamela Anderson/Katie Price/Angelina Jolie. You know what? I was suspicious about these claims, but darn right they were!

Bossypants is not a straightforward biography. It’s not quite as randomly ordered as Dawn French’s Dear Fatty, but tells some stories (not warts and all detail) about Tina’s life and successes. To be honest, I didn’t even know she has a scar, but for those of you who are itching to know how she got it, it’s covered really briefly. It covers her youth, adolescent days in the theatre and doing theatre in a bus around the country (not very glamourous). It also discusses Saturday Night Live, going into a bit of detail about how Tina got into the Sarah Palin stuff and then on to 30 Rock. (Note to self: 30 Rock sounds a cool show. Try to remember to record it when it’s on very late at night. Or just YouTube).

I can see from the writing that Tina’s one talented lady – even though I only knew her vaguely from a bar of soap, the writing voice comes through as easy-going and friendly and we became good buddies. Her words of wisdom I actually listened to – they’re truthful and they make sense. Tina proves that you don’t need to be gorgeous to be a success on television or films.

I can’t say that it was likely that I got the most out of this book because I didn’t really know her before this, but I’m certain that fans would adore this book. It’s funny (both smirk worthy and roll around on the floor laughing), has excellent chapter titles and is very, very clever.


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  1. I love this book! I also recommend the audiobook because Tina Fey is a really awesome performer! Oh yeah, and you should definitely check out 30 Rock- soooo funny 🙂

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