Mailbox Monday 13/8/12

Another Monday rolls around – I thought we were getting closer to spring here in Australia, but recent weather has proved me wrong… Enough about the weather, let’s talk books!

Mailbox Monday is hosted by 5 Minutes for Books this month, so do check it out for a long list of lovely books received!

The first part of the week was withdrawal from me – no parcels and no time to shop! Luckily, Wednesday saw the arrival of a book I’ve had my eye on for some time – Underground London by Stephen Smith. It’s all about what lurks under London’s streets – not just tube tunnels, but secret passages and caves!

The following day I received a lovely surprise parcel from Harlequin Australia containing Better Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts (involving chocolate, recipes and romance) and Heaven Should Fall by Rebecca Coleman, which deals with family relationships and tragedy. Look forward to reading these! (They’ll both be released in Australia in October).

On Friday, I came home to a package from Allen & UnwinThe Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D by Nichole Bernier, which is about a woman who receives her friend’s journals after she dies and sees a very different side to her friend. This is a readalong hosted at All The Books I Can Read. The first post will be up this Wednesday.

Saturday was National Bookshop Day! I had to stop by my local bookshops and support them. My first purchase was my September book club read, The Magicians by Lev Grossman. The manager at Dymocks Carousel, Bryan, really sold this to me – he described this as ‘a depressed Harry Potter with Narnia’. I hope I can wait until September!

Finally, my last purchase was Johanna Nicholls’ Ironbark, covering Australian history, a favourite of mine.

What did you receive in your mailbox this week?


11 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 13/8/12

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  1. Interesting collection of books this week. I quite enjoyed Grossman’s title Codex when I read it some years ago and this titlemofmhis looks great also – enjoy!

  2. Underground London sounds really good – I’m not in London often but they do underground tours here in Manchester and it is amazing what is going on right beneath our feet! The Magicians sounds great too. Enjoy!

  3. I think I’d enjoy Underground London and I have a review copy of Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D to get to also. It doesn’t help that I keep finding more good books every Monday!

  4. The Unfinished Works of Elizabeth D is on my list to read. I hope you enjoy it. Underground London sounds rather fascinting and I can’t imagine Better Than Chocolate isn’t a fun & yummy read! Heaven Will Fall intrigues me since it’s about family relationships, something which almost never fails to fascinate me!

    Enjoy! And I love your new blog look! (I’ve been away for a bit!)

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