Mailbox Monday 20/8/12

Monday again! I’ve actually got a very small mailbox this week – blame it on me as I worked six days last week and didn’t go shopping at all! Or, perhaps it was because my mailbox was full of online clothes orders! (Thank you, Forever 21).

I did have a very quick look at a second-hand book sale on the weekend, but I didn’t have much money on me as I was at work (this is usually my preventative measure against lunch time shopping). This is the building where it was held (strangely it’s not as pretty on the inside).


On to the book now. Bloomsbury must have some sort of tracking device in my house, because I was talking last week about how I had not yet read a Stella Rimington book (which I thought I’d enjoy, seeing as I devoured the James Bond books as a teenager). I kindly received a copy of her latest book, The Geneva Trap. Thank you!

Don’t forget to look at 5 Minutes for Books (our host for August), where there are sure to be many new bookish arrivals to tempt you (and fill my shopping list)!


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  1. That building has a lovely faade! It reminds me of a Moorish building. How lovely to be sent a book that you sort of didn’t ask for 😉 The Geneva Trap sounds like an exciting spy novel (and written by a former MI5 agent no less). Looking forward to your review of it!

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