Ever thought writing was your escape? Now Harlequin Escape can help you do it!

They say that everybody has a book inside them, waiting for the opportunity to break out. What would mine be? Perhaps a bookaholic, shoeaholic blogger with a penchant for Top Gear and baking…oops, sorry that’s real life. But one day, who knows what I could write…

Harlequin (who I do receive books for review from) have started Harlequin Escape. They are accepting open manuscript submissions from Australia to widen their network of Australian authors and find exciting, new talent. Love rural romance? Write your own! Tell the starry-eyed story of how your grandparents met! The initiative is open to all romance genres and you can submit online (no having to get your friend to stand in for you, a la Hugh Jackman in Paperback Hero). It doesn’t even have to be a chunky novel – short stories (5000 to 10000 words) and novellas (11000 to 50000 words) are also acceptable. The submission rules are also short and easy to follow – fewer constraints than assignments and theses!

I know there’s a lot of you out there, those who say they could write the next Fifty Shades or Twilight…or the most stunning novel the world will see.

What are you waiting for? I want to read and review your
book next!

Check out Harlequin Escape online or on Twitter @HarlequinEscape.

(NB. I think this is a great idea and the decision to post about this was entirely mine because I want to read more great books!)


3 thoughts on “Ever thought writing was your escape? Now Harlequin Escape can help you do it!

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  1. I don’t fancy myself a writer-in-the-closet nor have I ever been to Australia… but I agree that this is a wonderful idea 🙂 Here’s to more Australian writing talent unveiling themselves 😀

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