Bellabox August 2012

Wow, what a busy, busy week. I’ve been trying to prepare some posts, but not managing to get beyond reading on the way to lots of work events. Bellabox August came out a little while ago, but at least I’ve tried these products a few times before writing this review.

August’s box was quite generous with eight different products. The theme was ‘Go Green’, looking at natural products.

First up was Aurora Spa Rituals shampoo and conditioner. Although quite a strong scent (I don’t think I’d use these when I have terrible hay fever), they cleanse effectively and are a lovely travel size. Aveeno has long been a favourite of mine, so I was pleased to see the travel size daily moisturising lotion. It’s scent free and sinks in quickly – good for this hot/cold weather.

Lush also made an appearance (yay!). Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is another strong scented product, but as it’s rose and lemon, I like it. (It also doesn’t irritate my nose). It is heavier than the Aveeno lotion, so I’d put this on my elbows and knees first.

Luk Beauifood Lip Nourish is a new edible lip product. My flavour is Lime and Ginger. It gives a hint of brownish colour to my lips and smells very nice.

I haven’t tried the EmerginC Kombucha cleanser and Phytocell cream yet, but the Bellabox leaflet states these are suitable for all skin types. The size means that they’re also very nice for a weekend away…hint!

Finally, there are two sachets of Daily C (1000mg Vitamin C) in Citrus Burst for a pick me up. Luckily I haven’t needed this yet!

Bellabox released a picture on their Facebook page about the September box this week – some of the logos include Guerlain (love love love!), Inika and Lancome. I can’t wait to see more!


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  1. I seriously love your Bellabox, have mentioned it before on Twitter, but again: what a lovely concept! I’d sign up right away if someone set this up in Europe.

    Aveeno is not known to me, is it a local brand? Do you have easy access to Lush products?

  2. Oh wow, Lush in a beauty box – I agree with Chinoiseries, I’d snap this up if it was available in the UK! The brands included are all fantastic. I’ve become a bit disillusioned with the beauty boxes we have here, the quality just isn’t that great.


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