Beauty Boxes: Bellabox September 2012

I was very excited when I saw that Bellabox had recruited Guerlain and Inika for the September box. Unluckily for me, I didn’t get either of those brands in the box I received, but hey, you win some, lose some.


My box, ‘Spring in Your Step’, contained six items, plus a discount code for The Iconic ($15 off minimum spend of $69). (I’m not sure if I’ll use this, but I’ll definitely have a look. According to the card, they offer 3 hour – yes, hour – delivery in Sydney and free overnight shipping, something that really isn’t seen in Australian online stores all that often. In my experience, it’s usually a week or more. But I digress…) Edit: be wary of this offer! There are a lot of conditions attached. I tried to place an order of $100, but the offer was refused because my basket contained items from ‘third parties’. So no order from me, I’ll buy books instead. 

You, Me and Everybody have reappeared in this month’s Bellabox, with a skin mousse. It’s a nifty idea and very light. I’ve used this already and will use it again as the weather heats up. It’s my go-to product from this box.

U Haircare Style Beehold is the jerry can shaped container at the back. It’s to create body and protect hair from heat. Haven’t used it yet, so I can’t say if the promises are true! Bioderma also has two items, Sebium foaming gel (a cleanser – can’t wait to try) and Sebium AKN Sumptuous Skin Mousse. I like the mousse, it sinks in really quickly and skin feels silky afterwards. Savoir Faire gave us a credit-card sized concealer kit with four shades of concealer and two finishing powders. Excellent for a weekend trip! The final product was from Benefit, It’s Potent! eye cream. It promises to fade dark circles and smooth fine lines. It doesn’t have a strong scent and sinks into skin really quickly. I love trying new eye creams, and I think this one is great for warmer weather.

Next month is the last month of my subscription from Bellabox. I think I might renew as Bellabox is consistent each month and their customer service is excellent. I have also been subscribing to another similar service (not mentioned on my blog), but feel that it’s more erratic in delivery and product selection. Perhaps a subscription would be a good Christmas present? (Hint!)

What did you receive in your Bellabox? Have you tried any of these products?

4 thoughts on “Beauty Boxes: Bellabox September 2012

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  1. Of course, for you the summer is coming 🙂 I love light creams as well for summertime, haven’t tried a mousse yet though. It’s funny how I’ve recently switched to autumn/winter creams, or else my skin will get really dry. If you find an eye cream that works, please let me know? 😀

  2. I’ve not heard of Bellaboxes, and while the contents which you received look great, I’m “sad” with you that you didn’t receive Guerlain. Ooh, I love their things. My husband bought me a Le Rouge lipstick from them a few Christmases ago and even had my name engraved on the silver case. I haven’t used it much because I’m afraid to use it up, and now I’m afraid it will go bad. Can such a thing happen? I think so, when a lipstick gets dried out or funny tasting. Thanks for introducing me to Bellaboxes. And, how are your Revlon lip butters doing? 😉

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