All I want for Christmas…my book wish list (so far)

It’s at this time of year that I start to get excited about all the fantastic new book releases in the lead up to Christmas. I love the choice on Christmas Day of picking a new book to read from many – there are always new books from favourite authors, new authors, and new concepts. So one rainy evening, I sat down and listed the books that I know are being released before Christmas –there’s always extras that I miss!

Ken Follett – Winter of the World I know this was released last week, but I think this huge hardcover (800+ pages) deserves to be read all day and all night. What better time than Christmas? This is the second of his Century trilogy and looks like it will focus on World War II.







The Casual Vacancy – J K Rowling To be honest, I doubt I can hold out until Christmas for this one (released 27/9/12) but this book has serious hype surrounding it. Will it be worthy of it? I’m certain it will be interesting, well written and witty and heavily discussed everywhere – maybe even surpassing the 50 Shades hype.





The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton I’m eagerly awaiting this and must have entered a number of competitions to try and win a copy! Even though I was disappointed in Morton’s last book – I felt it didn’t reach the dizzy heights of The Forgotten Garden or The Shifting Fog, I think this book looks great. Once again, it’s set both in the past (1930s and 1960s) and present. I know this will be a book that needs to be gobbled down (between Christmas Day and Boxing Day)! Due for release on 1st November in Australia I believe.




The Girl You Left Behind – Jojo Moyes Moyes writes heartbreaking, emotional fiction that you simply cannot put down. There’s already a short prequel to this book available (Honeymoon in Paris) but I’m trying to make myself wait until the 27th of this month at least so I can move on to this book (which technically makes it an early Christmas present…). This is also set in both the past (World War I) and present. Moyes blended the two time periods so well in The Last Letter From Your Lover and created memorable characters, I can’t wait!





So that’s the start of my Christmas list. Have you started one?


9 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…my book wish list (so far)

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  1. What a fabulous list! I totally agree with you about the last Kate Morton book. I loved the first two, but am ashamed to say I didn’t finish the third one. Looking forward to The Secret Keeper though.

  2. I read the Jojo Moyes this week – really good! I also have the Kate Morton book here but I am trying not to have too high hopes.

    One of these days I will get around to reading Follett.

  3. Lovely list, Sam, I have to agree with you quite fervently on all your choices 🙂 ‘ve got The Secret Keeper on my e-reader, and will have to read it next month. I’ve seen Follett’s book as an audiobook, but I’m not sure whether I’ll buy it.

  4. I got the new Kate Morton from netgalley. It’s been my favourite so far, but then I did like The Distant Hours. My review isn’t up yet- I’ve written it and am posting it the week before the book is released here in the UK

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