Mailbox Monday 29/10/12

Weeks seem to be coming by faster and faster at present. With that comes a lot of catalogues in the post advertising that eventful ‘C’ word- even though Halloween is still to come this week!

Fortunately the weather was nice this week, so my parcels arrived nice and dry. Sunday was meant to be a sunny stinker (top of 36°C – that’s 96.8°F) but look what appeared at lunch time as I began my accidental career as a storm chaser. I simply had to stop on my way home to grab a few photos!

On to the books. A local bookstore reopened on Friday, so I had to take advantage of their opening sale (20% off everything):

The Red Book is about college roommates, reunions and how everyone lies about what they’ve been up to. I’ve been waiting ages for this one to come out in Australia!

This huge tome (I’m certain it weighs multiple kilograms) is the annotated, explained, bolded, pictorial, complete script to every single episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Important phrases (nudge nudge wink wink) are bolded for use in everyday conversation.

And now for something completely different. The book that actually arrived via the mail.

A fun, light romance for the upcoming summer. Victoria Dahl’s heroine in Close Enough to Touch is a makeup artist who is hibernating away from Hollywood. She never counted on a cute cowboy… Thanks Harlequin!

That’s my incomings this week. Which books came home with you recently?


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