Overcommitted? No, I just like to read!

I thought I would take a couple of pictures of what I have on my reading pile at the moment. I used to be a one or two book girl, but my tastes have expanded and my standard ‘currently-reading’ list contains:

  • A fiction book
  • A non-fiction or classic book
  • A magazine

This is a picture of what my current pile looks like:

  • 2 fiction books (The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and Wilderness by Lance Weller – both highly recommended)
  • 2 non-fiction books (Monty Python’s Flying Circus Complete and Annotated Scripts and Underground London by Stephen Smith)

The magazines have tripled too:

  • Allure (OK, it’s a couple of months old but I like to read a little more true to season)
  • Good Reading Magazine (that’s Kate Morton on the front)
  • The Persephone Biannually (happy 100 books!)

On my ereader, I have Neil Humphreys’ Notes from an Even Smaller Island too.

How many books do you read at once? Can you read books from a similar genre at once? (I envy you if you can, I get the plots all mixed up).


6 thoughts on “Overcommitted? No, I just like to read!

Add yours

  1. I almost always, only read one book at a time. Occaisonally I dip into a non-fiction book alongside a novel – but even that I do rarely.

    You have reminded me I haven’t had a proper look at my Persephone biannually yet.

  2. I occasionally read two books at a time, but only if I start something I know I really want to read but then find I’m just not in the mood for it at that time. When that happens, I put it aside, read something else, and pick it up again later. I think I would struggle to read two books entirely alongside each other, particularly two fictional novels.

  3. I usually just have one ‘reading’ title and one ‘listening’ title on the go at the same time. I have been known to expand the ‘reading’ number to two though, one hardcopy book and one ebook – primarily because different reading formats suit different environments. If am reading a collection of short stories I normally have a full length novel on the go at the same time too… stops me from racing through the short story collection too quickly and not appreciating each story in isolation.

  4. I only read one book at at time, I’m not sure why but I don’t feel comfortable dividing my reading attention. I rarely read the same genre back to back though which helps me keep the books separated in my mind otherwise they have a tendency to blur.
    I just finished The Secret Keeper which I loved and plan to read Wilderness soon.

  5. I always read more than one book at a time, because I switch back and forth between one print book during daytime and a digital one on my ereader at night. I used to read many books at once, but lately it have been two at most. I think it’ll stay that way until I start a readalong of a big book again, which often makes me want to switch things up.

    It’s lovely to see the biannual on your pile of magazines. I have been reading in that on and off for the past week as well/

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