Beautiful Chickens by Christie Aschwanden

A quick rundown… Chickens, beautifully coiffed for the camera

Strengths: Chicken lovers will adore it.

Weaknesses: It’s really for chicken lovers. Cat lovers will be disappointed.

Why I read it: My mum gave it to me

Pages: 112

Published: 2011

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Rating: 8.5 out of 10


Beautiful Chickens. Really, the name says it all. This book is for those who love chickens (of the live type, not of the take-away food variety). It contains exquisitely styled chickens (yes, they did get washed and blow-dried) posing for the camera. It’s not just your average garden variety chickens and the more popular breeds (such as the Rhode Island Red) but the more exotic and rare chickens. This includes chickens with top knots, chickens with feathers on their feet, speckled chickens, bantam chickens, big chickens, gorgeous feathers, proud roosters, cute hens…the list goes on.

Beside the full page picture of each chicken is details about its breed and habitat. While this is not the kind of exhaustive list that you’d use to buy some chickens, it is a good starting point as it discusses eggs and breeding. The majority of chickens featured are from the UK and USA, but there are some chickens I’ve spotted in Australia as well.

Does this book have any negatives? Not really if you’re a chicken fan. The photographs by Andrew Perris are gorgeous. The information is concise and interesting. This book is for a niche market though; only chicken lovers (or their mothers) would buy it. It is definitely worth borrowing from the library too. I do believe that there are other Beautiful animals in the series, including pigs, cows, sheep and ducks. These would suit admirers of these animals down to the ground!

A fun book with some gorgeous birds!


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Chickens by Christie Aschwanden

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  1. My parents gave me a farm fowl book years ago for Xmas and it was my favorite book of the year. We had just started with chickens (of the ‘neighbor gave us some elderly hens’ variety) and reading through the book was great.

    I’ll probably have to check out this book just to see the fancy birds.

    1. I’m not too sure about the rules where I live – I think hens are okay, but no roosters. Unfortunately I don’t have room in this house. I used to help my godmother look after her chickens though.

      1. More and more suburban towns are beginning to allow them, although roosters, understandably, would not be welcome. The people that do keep chickens have to worry about the hawks and coyotes attacking them, so I guess chickens come with their own set of problems. So for now I’ll be content feeding the wild birds.

  2. OMG I would never believe that a book about chickens exists!
    In Spain it doesn’t exists, I’m pretty sure!

    But it’s great!! I’m a vet and I like animals too. There are beautiful photos about some horse breeds and all that staff in internet, why not publishing a book? 😀

      1. Ohh my boyfriend also had a budgie some years ago: it was able to stay outside its cage and it walked around the house and then went into the cage again. It was so cute!

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