Mailbox Monday 21/1/13

So another Mailbox Monday rolls around as things return to full pace – school returns soon, but at least there’s Australia Day to look forward to on the 26th! I am in the middle of a busy working period, so had to rely solely on mailbox deliveries for books this week. This is perfectly acceptable, as I got some lovely ones to read in those few snatched seconds of peace!

From Allen & Unwin and The Reading Room, I received these two new releases:

Grace Grows by Shelle Sumners looks like perfect summer reading and I love how the main character is a textbook editor (I think that would be a cool job). A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea by Dina Nayeri is set in Iran. A tale of twins separated, Saba grows up alone in a turbulent time.

My second parcel came all the way from New York (from Random House – thanks for sending Down Under!). Two non-fiction books which sound really interesting:

Quiet by Susan Cain
about introverts (my kindred) and Becky Aikman’s Saturday Night Widows is about a group of young widows trying to make sense of everything that has happened.

I also picked three of the new Random Romance
series to read. This new series from Random House Australia is out in February, consisting of two novellas and three novels.

One Little White Lie by Loretta Hill (novella) should be good as I’m enjoying The Girl in the Hard Hat at the moment. Just Breathe is written by crime writer Jaye Ford and I’m looking forward to more rural romance with Beneath Outback Skies by Alissa Callen (I’m also reading Fifty Bales of Hay – agricultural erotica by Rachael Johns).

What did you receive in your mailbox this week? Please do visit Lori’s Reading Corner, for lots of lovely books received!


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  1. The cover of A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea is so different from the US one – gives a whole different feel to the book. I also received Saturday Night Widows and read the first chapter right away – it starts off very good!

  2. I enjoyed The Girl in the Hard Hat after struggling with the start. I hope you did too. Have you read The Girl in the Steel Capped Boots? It is about Lena going to the mine site.

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