Just Breathe by Janette Paul

A quick rundown…Dee is a yoga teacher who lives in the moment after an accident. Can Ethan, company director, change her mind to consider the future?

Strengths: A lot of fun, quite relaxing due to the yoga mentioned.

Weaknesses: Sometimes I just wanted to tell Dee to try thinking ahead!

Why I read it: Sent to me by Random House Australia – thank you!

Pages: 273 (ebook ARC)

Published: 2013

Publisher: Random Romance / Random House

Setting: Sydney, Australia

Rating: 9 out of 10

Just Breathe is the second of the Random Romance books I have read (the first being One Little White Lie) and if the quality so far is anything to go by, I’ll be reading this series in its entirety! This is another light, fun book you can completely lose yourself in (whether you’re on a busy train or ignoring household chores)!

Janette Paul is better known as Jaye Ford, who writes crime and thriller books such as Scared Yet? and Beyond Fear. I haven’t read any of those books yet, but I’m hoping she writes some more romance books as Janette Paul! Although the overall theme of this book is romance, there are several other plots such as loss, finances (don’t worry, it’s not boring) and growing up.

The protagonist of this book is Dee (short for Trudy – but only called that by her disapproving mother), a yoga teacher who lives in the moment after a life changing accident. Dee doesn’t like to plan for the future – she’s done that once and it collapsed spectacularly. So her rule is never more than a few weeks at a time – she doesn’t have a bank account, a stable income or a mortgage. These things just tie you down.

One of Dee’s yoga students, Lucy, nominates her to be the face of a health insurance company’s ads. Reluctantly, Dee does the commercials and the print media (if only to get her finances off life support) and she’s an instant star. She attracts the notice of Lucy’s brother, Ethan Roxburgh, a rich businessman. Ethan, a notorious womaniser, works with Dee to ‘market her product’ with sometimes hilarious results – from the throwing of shoes to the falling down dress. Will Dee and Ethan be able to get it together when they have such different philosophies?

You probably already know the answer to that question, but the book is a lot of fun in addition to being quite relaxing because of all the yoga. (I’ve been springing a few Warrior Poses since trying to make myself stronger like Dee). It’s okay if you don’t know yoga as Dee explains the poses and the rationale to her students. It’s also not a big deal if you don’t like yoga because it doesn’t take up large chunks of the book.

The other thing on Dee’s mind – to put down roots, find a ‘real’ job and get a mortgage like her mother continually suggests will be familiar to readers of a certain age. Dee’s constant refusal is a nice rebuttal to what society continually expects everyone to do.

Just one thing – this book is about the romance. If you’re looking for sex scenes, you’ll be disappointed. I didn’t mind it because I got wrapped up in the story – how much were Dee and Ethan willing to change for each other? Both of them were sweet characters with enough individuality to not fit the mould and there’s quite a few humourous moments.

I really enjoyed this book – it turned some stereotypes on their heads and was incredibly well written in terms of plot, speech and description. Well worth it!


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  1. Thanks for the review. I enjoy reading this type of book for a change. It looks like this will be one i read. I can’t wait to see how it ‘tips stereotypes on their head”.

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