Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty Readalong, Week 2

Back again for week 2 of the readalong, thanks to Hachette and hosted by Bree at All the Books I Can Read. You can read and join in the discussion there. In the second week of the readalong, we are discussing pages 150 to 296. Stay tuned for next Monday, the final chapter of the readalong!

Note that there are spoilers in the below section.

So you’re happy to read on? Good. We open this section with Kat trying to write the next Declan Darker novel and erasing all of it. Just wondering for you writers out there, do you ‘properly’ delete scenes or chunks of writing or save them just in case they’re needed later on? (I did the latter for my thesis and it came in handy at the 11th draft!) I wished that Kat hadn’t deleted the scenes, but it’s rather reflective of her life really – if it doesn’t work out, backspace or delete.

Milo’s desperate to go to Ireland with Faith to meet her birth mother, but she’s refusing. I think by now we’re all pretty certain that Kat is her mother (which makes an interesting link with the accident – the birth mother and adoptive mother, complete strangers, being affected). And then it comes – yes, Kat is Faith’s mother, born when she was 15. Was this twist way too obvious or is there something Geraghty is going to twist in the plot? I’m hoping for the twist or something else completely head turning. What, I’m not sure. I’d like to see Kat being outed as Killian Kobain and all the media hype surrounding it. It would be interesting to see how she would cope – I think she could completely surprise us all.

Perhaps the twist in the next section will be the identity of Kat’s mystery blackmailer. Who could possibly know who she is and what’s their motivation? Given the number of coincidences in the book so far, could it be the truck driver? (I will laugh manically if I’m correct).

Ed continues to delight me as the sweetest character. Thinking of a gift for Faith, then giving it to her when he meets her was sniffle-worthy. It was lovely that Faith got to meet her birth grandparents and Ed, even though Kat was her usual stubborn self (warning: she’s starting to get dangerously unlikable) and refused to. What kind of message does that send to Faith? From what we know of her so far, she’s pretty stubborn, but I don’t know if she’ll come back for more. We know the scars left by hiding her pregnancy from everyone but Minnie, but it doesn’t give her the right to act so childishly!

Milo, who is a child, is again acting in such a more mature way than Kat. I loved his conversation with Kenneth/Leonard. So cute, yet the catalyst for the meeting with the family. It’s interesting that Milo is always talking about life saving, but we still haven’t seen him at a lesson yet! Will he be the one to use his skills on Kat and Faith’s non-existent relationship?

In terms of the language, it’s pretty simple to me (no looking up words in the dictionary so far) but it conveys the myriad of feelings everyone is feeling so well in addition to the difference between the characters. I love Milo’s voice!

Here’s hoping Kat will do something to redeem herself soon!

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  1. I’ll be interested to see if you think that Kat has redeemed herself by the end. I think she is very clearly a product of her family – they don’t seem like a family that are used to sharing their emotions. Ed is a lovely character, and I loved the way that he and Milo connected.

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