Mailbox Monday 1/4/13

Welcome to April! I hope you haven’t been fooled by anyone yet today (or if you have, that you found it funny). This month, our host for Mailbox Monday is Mari at MariReads. Mailbox Monday (started by Marcia long ago) is the place to come to share your recent acquisitions or check out what others have had land in their letterbox.

This week, my mailbox is rather quiet (which it should be after the bonanza of last week). Just the one book from the kind people at Bloomsbury Australia:

Mimi by Lucy Ellmann is a romance story between Mimi and plastic surgeon Harrison Hanafan who meet when he slips on the ice. I’m looking forward to reading it (suffering withdrawals since I finished The Rosie Project – review soon). I was checking this out in the book shop earlier this week, so it was fantastic to have it appear (unsolicited) a few days later!

I do have an unused Kobo gift card (Easter present) sitting beside me as I type this, so expect more next week!

Was your mailbox full this week? Did you ask for books over Easter eggs?

12 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 1/4/13

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  1. Ooh that book sounds really good. I’m like medical anythings.
    I prefer books over Easter eggs but my hips prefer the eggs. I won and books it was.

  2. Nice to get an unsolicited book that you were thinking of reading anyway! Wonderful.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the book and find yourself a nice book with your voucher, too.

  3. Hi Sam,

    Unsolicited books are the best kind and even better if they come direct from the author, who has taken the time to search out the blogs they want to review for them.

    Despite this being written by an English author, I haven’t come across the name of Lucy Ellmann before and ging by the rather random synopsis, I really can’t make up my mind whether I would enjoy her style of writing or not.

    One thing is for certain, all of her books have a fantastic mix of eclectic and unique covers, which wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry!

    I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about this one, thanks for sharing,


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