Mailbox Monday 22/4/13

Another busy week has gone by and thanks to extra work; I’ve fallen even further behind in study, housework – but never in reading! It looks like the weather is getting cooler here, which is lovely for reading! I did get a few lovely surprises in the mailbox this week, which were:

My Notorious Life by Madame X (or really, Kate Manning) arrived from Bloomsbury. The ARC is gorgeous with quotes from Bloomsbury staff on the back (I love it when they do that!) This is out in June, but I’m already about a third through. It’s a winner! Set in 1860s New York, it chronicles the life of young Axie Muldoon, separated from her mother and siblings, who goes on to be apprenticed to a midwife.

I also sourced a few books from The Book Depository’s bargain bin section. They were South Riding by Winifred Holtby (about local politics, let’s see how it compares to A Casual Vacancy), Half Life by Roopa Farooki (partially set in Singapore) and the sequel to Ellis Island, City of Hope by Kate Kerrigan (another New York based book).

Our host for Mailbox Monday in April is Mari at MariReads. Mailbox Monday (started by Marcia long ago) is the place to come to share your recent acquisitions or check out what others have had land in their letterbox.

What exciting books have you received recently?


14 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 22/4/13

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  1. Love that you got the Bloomsbury book along with cooler weather! I’ve never tried Book Depository, but I had such a horrid experience with Book Swap I’m not sure I like to buy my books anywhere but Indie stores and Amazon.

  2. My Notorious Life is a new title to me but does sound good. I didn’t realize the Book Depository had a bargain bin. Always nice to find a good deal.

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