Mailbox Monday 13/5/13

Nearly middle of the year, note that cool date! For a change, I’m talking about cold weather down here – it’s been quite rainy (got drenched on the way home – twice). Now temperatures have plummeted, which makes for excellent reading weather.

I’ve been rather lucky again this week. Not only did I win some books, but my parcel post man managed to keep them completely dry (no mean feat)!

To check out lots of book-related mailboxes, visit Abi at 4 the Love of Books who is our host for May – thanks Abi! Mailbox Monday is a meme by Marcia to share your recent bookish acquisitions.

My first parcel of the week exposed my love of all things Austen – a copy of Austenland by Shannon Hale from Bloomsbury Sydney. If only there was a place you could pretend to live in Austen’s England and meet your own Mr Darcy…

I won a signed copy of Me and Rory Macbeath by Richard Beasley from Bookworld. This book looks fun, set in chilled-out 1970s Adelaide that turns sinister when Rory Macbeath goes missing. I enjoyed Beasley’s Hell has Harbour Views, so I’m looking forward to this.

From The Newtown Review of Books, I won a copy of Douglas Kennedy’s Five Days. It’s a novel about missed chances, changing lives and falling in love – perfect for a rainy day.

Thanks to The Reading Room and Simon and Schuster, I received a copy of Kate Belle’s The Yearning. This is about a relationship between a teacher and student, then the consequences twenty years later…

At the shops, I haunted the displays for Mother’s Day, and picked up The Accidental Apprentice by Vikas Swarup (who wrote the book Slumdog Millionaire was based on). It’s about a shopgirl who becomes a CEO based on a series of strange tests…

As I write this, I’m in the process of browsing ebook bundles by Nicola Moriarty and Evelyn Prentis, as well as looking at The Forrests by Emily Perkins and Wedding Knight by Sophie Kinsella!

Fortunately, I’ve read a few books over the past week so I have room!

Which of these tickle your fancy? Which titles came into your house recently?

10 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 13/5/13

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  1. Austenland sounds fun! And, cold weather is my much preferred time for reading. I’m already dreading the heat and humidity which arrives in Illinois with July. You don’t even want to be here in August! Happy reading!

  2. The teacher and student one sojnds interesting.
    Great books though and they all certainly look worth reading.

  3. Such interesting and varied finds and wins. We are having monsoonal weather and I personally love the rains. Anything better than being hot with the sun all bright and shiny!

  4. These are all new to me. The Accidental Apprentice sounds interesting. And of course it’s always fun to win books… and have them delivered in great condition.

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