Weekend Bits & Bobs – A challenge, giveaway and social stuff

Don’t you love the weekend? At the start, it seems like you’ve got all the time in the world to do things…and then it’s Sunday afternoon in a flash! Here’s some bookish stuff going on that you might enjoy as you sit down over coffee…

Dolce Bellezza presents Japanese Literature Challenge 7

Aren’t you excited? June means it’s time for the Japanese Literature Challenge, which will run until January 30, 2014. So you have no excuse over this time period to read at least one Japanese book – think fiction, non-fiction, manga, kids’ books, fantasy…anything goes. Every month there is also an optional theme to follow – June is children’s literature. There is also a prize!

I’ll definitely be joining in, as I have some Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Ryu Murakami (amongst others)
to read. Plus there will be new authors and books to discover!

What are you waiting for? Go join in here.

Leeswammes hosts the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop (June 22-26)

Yay, giveaway time again! I always enjoy the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop as I (legitimately) get to sit and read wonderful book blogs for hours. Plus, you can win prizes, make new friends, find new blogs and add to your wishlist!

I’ll be participating (as it will also be my blog’s third birthday), sending my giveaway to anywhere in the world where the Book Despository delivers. The difficult thing is, which book to choose for the giveaway?

Go here to sign up or check out the blogs that will be participating. You have until June 19 to sign up – over 30 blogs are already involved.

More Sam Still Reading

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