Mailbox Monday 17/6/13

Another parcel free week! Oh well. My inbox did contain some goodies and I saw The Great Gatsby movie. I really enjoyed it – was it just me or was there some ‘classic’ Leo shots poking fun at Titanic and Romeo + Juliet? There were also some great ‘spot the Aussie’ moments.

Dolce Bellezza is our Mailbox Monday host for June. Mailbox Monday, started by Marcia, is the place to come and share your recent book acquisitions and walk away with a huge wish list!

This week, I received an e-galley from Random House of Burned by Persephone Nicholas. It’s described for fans of Jodi Picoult, looking at a number of people and the problems they face. There’s a woman who regrets moving her family across the globe, a boy fascinated by fire and a man suffering after his son’s death. Looking forward to reading it!

I also received from Monsoon Books an ebook copy of Dawn Farnham’s fourth book in the Straits Quartet, The English Concubine.
This series (I have read the first book, The Red Thread) involves a passionate love affair in 1860s Singapore.

Naturally, I then bought Books 2 and 3 (The Shallow Seas and The Hills of Singapore), which I didn’t realise were available as ebooks in Australia!

What did you receive in your mailbox this week?


6 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 17/6/13

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  1. Its one of my favorite novels so want to see the new Gatsby film. I listened recently to the new Jake Gyllenhaal narration – it was really good!

  2. These are all new to me! And I too really enjoyed The Great Gatsby. I was a little surprised since I wasn’t a huge fan when I read it in high school. But with Leo as Gatsby, how could you not love it?

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