Mailbox Monday 24/6/13

Wow, I can’t believe this is the last mailbox for June! This month (and 2013) has really flown by. I’ve had a pretty busy week due to work and also the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop (do visit to win a book of your choice from my favourites of this year – closes this Wednesday, 26th June). Unfortunately, that meant not a lot of time for book buying, especially as I was distracted by the L’Occitane sale! I did buy myself a book voucher though to reward myself for an extra long shift, so watch this space!

Fortunately, Bloomsbury Sydney came to the rescue and relieved the parcel drought with two fantastic books that I think are made for me! Thank you!

Constance by Patrick McGrath (beautiful cover) is about Constance, who falls into an unhappy marriage tormented by family secrets. A perfect winter read! A Girl Like You is about a Japanese family in California during World War II, facing interment and hatred. I’ve enjoyed learning about this time period, so I relish the opportunity to read another book about it!

Thank you to Dolce Bellezza who has been our Mailbox Monday host for June. Mailbox Monday, started by Marcia, is the place to come and share your recent book acquisitions and walk away with a huge wish list!

What have you received in the mail lately?


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  1. I’d read a Girl Like You if it sheds more light on the unhappy situation of the Japanese American internment during WWII. Hope you like the book!

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