The Love Deception by Jennifer St George

A quick rundown… Felicity wakes up in a strange man’s bed with no idea how she got there. Of course, he turns out to be her potential boss! Everything Felicity wished for hangs on this job and one particular case. Can she crack it?

Strengths: Fun and plenty of action.

Weaknesses: Sometimes the action progressed very rapidly.

Why I read it: Received eGalley from Destiny Romance – thank you!

Pages: 171

Published: 2013

Publisher: Destiny Romance

Setting: Australia and Barbados

Rating: 9 out of 10

Don’t be fooled that The Love Deception is solely a romance novel. This book crams more action into it than some thrillers! Combining elements of a legal thriller with an angry boss, natural disaster and a night she can’t remember, Felicity has got her work cut out for her.

The book opens with Felicity in a strange man’s bed and no idea of how she got there. Offended by the stranger’s offer of money, she hightails it home to prepare for her job interview as a lawyer the next day. It’s very important – the only way she can clear her father’s name. Of course, the stranger happens to be one of her supervisors …can Felicity keep it together to save her father and ignore her growing feelings for Damon?

It would be easy to write this off as a light romance, but the plotline of Felicity trying to clear her father of fraud changes was what really intrigued me and kept me turning pages. (I read the entire thing on a work day – in breaks, of course – but this is testament that I loved this book). Felicity’s desperation to do what no other lawyer has done over multiple appeals is palpable – it’s very clear that this is his last chance. Her love for her father also shines through as she changed her career choice on his predicament alone. When the action heats up as Damon starts to believe Felicity, the plot runs wild. Exotic locales, freak accidents…it all happens quickly. I would have liked if it was a little slower, but perhaps that would have taken away some of the tension (both legal and sexual).

As a hero, Damon is pretty good. He’s a good father, kind and has enough issues just to be interesting. His dislike of Felicity (somewhat misguided) is fun to read as he jostles with his emotions and conscious. While Felicity could be seen as an overachiever, I think her passion to save her father makes her much more likeable. The conclusion is logical and the Melbourne setting contains enough references to make me long to go back there.

A fun novel that combines legalities with love.

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