Mailbox Monday 22/7/13

It seems like all I did last week was eat! I really didn’t get much reading done at all – how dismal! Instead, I went on a road trip, had lunch out to celebrate a birthday, attended the Good Food and Wine show and went to a Food Photography class hosted by A Table For Two. Phew! If you’re interested in some foodie pics, scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, onward and upward to the books!

Please do visit Tasha at Book Obsessed, our host for July. Mailbox Monday, started by Marcia, is the place to come and share your recent book acquisitions and walk away with a huge wish list!

I received a signed copy of Ricky Martin’s Me that I won in a competition from Penguin Books Australia! Thank you!

I also received a fantastic bundle of books from Crown Publishing. The Headmaster’s Wager by Vincent Lam. Set in Saigon, the novel tells the story of a powerful headmaster who finds he can’t cajole his way through everything. I loved the Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures, so I’m looking forward to this. The People of Forever Are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu
was longlisted for the Women’s Prize and is about women in the Israeli Army. The Forgiven by Lawrence Osborne looks at relationships and the effects of overdoing it on others. Finally, Noughties by Ben Masters is about the last night before university graduation and reflecting on the undergraduate years.

The kind people at Soho Crime sent me a book translated from the Japanese, Evil and the Mask by Fuminori Nakamura. It’s the story of a boy raised to create evil, ‘be a cancer’ in the world by his father. Will he do as his father wishes, or rebel?

My Persephone Books order also arrived. I took advantage of the free cookery book offer and received Few Eggs and No Oranges by Vere Hodgson, a London wartime diary; Patience by John Coates tells the story of a woman who is bemused by her husband’s adultery and Dinners for Beginners by Rachel and Margaret Ryan, a delightful 1934 cookbook that is truly step by step cooking.

I also won a prize from Harper Collins, containing a DVD of the first season of House of Cards and a copy of Gotland by Fiona Capp. I was really thrilled because Gotland was on my wishlist – a book about the wife of Australia’s Prime Minister who escapes the spotlight on a tiny island.

That’s the end of the books, but here’s a few quick foodie pics (taken on my phone, so no white balance correction or cropping to make it look delicious!)

The Food Photography Workshop:

Good Food and Wine Show:


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  1. Ah Persephone books! Got “high wages” by Dorothy Whipple last week so that’s in the pile to read. The only other book I picked up last week was “Dead ever after” by Charlaine Hiarris – the latest and last Sooky Stackhouse book – from when Harris did an appearance here in Birmingham, England

  2. It sounds like you’ve been busy! The Ricky Martin book looks good as does The People of Forever Are Not Afraid. I hope all of your books are even better than you expected!

  3. That was quite a week! Most of the books are new to me but they’re an attractive selection.

    A food photography class sounds interesting. I find getting the proper lighting for food photos to be challenging. I take mostly outdoor shots. At least the food stays put unlike the critters and flowers moving in the breeze!

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