Falling in love with romance again…

Just thought I should explain why there’s been a bit more of the romance genre on the blog of late. Some time ago, I decided I would read as many authors attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August as I could before attending myself. I didn’t think of it quite enough in advance, so I won’t be reading everyone but I wanted to appreciate these authors and what they do. There will also be a signing event organised by the Australian Romance Readers Association – you can find more details here, including the full list of 56 (!) authors. So if you happen to be in Fremantle during August, you know what to do…

I’m a bit nervous about attending, seeing as the majority of the writing I do at the moment is research based (and utterly snoozeworthy). But I think it will be really fun seeing how the creative process works out and everyone I’ve ‘spoken’ with on Twitter is lovely.

So here’s what I’ve read so far that I have a review for (some of the authors attending I have read but not written reviews for):

Reviews to come soon for:

  • Nicole Flockton – Rescuing Dawn
  • Eden Summers – Ravenous
  • Elise K Ackers – Ask Me for More
  • Jennifer Scoullar – Currawong Creek

I’m finding romance a happy genre to read, a lovely escape from the day to day grind. Plus, it’s interesting that some books categorised as ‘romance’ don’t have (in my opinion) that as the main theme. There’s really interesting themes, such as environmental protection, law, natural disasters, society’s expectations of men and women and just how fickle humans can be. Don’t dismiss romance as being ‘kiss kiss’ – not only can it brighten your day, you can learn things too.

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  1. I think that whilst there is still a core of the M&B style books, there is a significant expansion of the romance genre in the various subprints to be wider in scope. That can’t be a bad thing, I think.

    1. I still haven’t read a M&B! I like multilayered stuff, though I think a book that focuses just on the romance would be good when I’m not in a place to concentrate on intricate plots.

      1. I go through phases of liking M&B style romances, where I will splurge on a whole group of them, followed by a long time of needing to not splurge (which is not the same as hating!)

        If you havent found it already, check out the MIRA subprint (of Harlequin?). There is a layer of romance, but produces other layers of varying success. Debbie Macomber has a whole line of these books – the Cedar Court range for instance cover Divorce, Cancer, Infertility, Survival after a partner’s suicide etc – it sounds heavy but this is a romance genre remember, so she manages to keep it much lighter than it sounds!

      2. MIRA is great – there’s some really good crime reads in there. My nan always read a M&B in between ‘other’ books, maybe I need to try the same thing. I’d like to read a medical one one day.

  2. What a wonderful decision! I confess to be doing the same. I want to be able to talk to authors about their work when I meet them at the conference, so I’ve been working my way through my TBR pile with a similar motive.
    Thrilled to have made your list, see you at the conference!

  3. Yay! I am always glad when people give romance an open-minded chance. There are the romance cliches, but there is also a lot of variety out there as well!

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