Ravenous by Eden Summers

In brief: Erin is a caterer in her small town asked to cater for a party. The problem? It’s for the mother of her ex-boyfriend, who she has never really got over…

The good: Steamy! Gets straight into the action.

The not-so-good: As it’s a novella, not a lot of backstory involved.

Why I chose it: From Escape Publishing off Net Galley – thank you!

Year: 2013

Pages:  56 (ebook)

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Setting: Australia

My rating: 8 out of 10

As part of my quest to read authors coming to the Australian Romance Writers conference this year, I stumbled upon this sensuous novella. Those of you who watch my Instagram would be aware that beyond reading and blogging, I like to cook and bake. The fact that this story has the heroine as a caterer and the hero as a top class chef made it shoot to the top of my list.

The story gets into action straight away, no musing or wondering. Erin lives in a small country town running a catering company with her sister, but nothing much is happening. That’s until her former boyfriend Jesse walks through the door. Years ago, he left her for the bright city lights. Now he wants her to cater for his mother’s birthday… Although things get off to a rocky start, it’s not long until Erin and Jesse are rediscovering each other. Will Jesse leave again, or can he convince Erin to leave the only home he’s known?

The romance starts to happen pretty quickly in this novella, and it’s quite steamy. I loved the big mix-up and the resolution – it was both funny and lovely to read. Summers is excellent at teasing out the narrative to make you wonder if Erin and Jesse will ever get it together! While the length of the story means a few details are lacking – such as the party was over pretty quickly –the characters are very well drawn. Both the main characters have their quirks and the minor characters (like Jesse’s mum and Erin’s sister) both get a good turn in the spotlight. The minor characters are detailed and memorable.

I’ll definitely be reading more by Eden Summers – both the humour and the romance make her books incredibly fun to read.

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