Ask Me For More by Elise K. Ackers

In brief: Liv comes back to town to plan her good friend’s wedding. There are two things she didn’t plan on: that she’s an outcast in the small town and that Cal grew up to be both nice and handsome.

The good: Second in the Homeland series, it’s easy to read if you haven’t read the first book. Plus Cal is a very nice young man.

The not-so-good: The wedding (fitting but not my cup of tea – a minor point!).

Why I chose it: Downloaded from Net Galley – thank you Destiny Romance.

Year: 2013

Pages: 120

Publisher: Destiny Romance

Setting: Country Australia

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

In my quest to read romance authors before the Romance Writers of Australia conference, I discovered the fantastic writer Elise W. Ackers. I’m glad that going to the conference has opened my mind to many new authors! In Ask Me For More, Ackers has created a lovely story set in a small Australian country town with some memorable characters.

The story opens with Cal meeting Liv (short for Olivia) at the train station before the long drive back to Hinterdown. Liv grew up there with Cal, but was forced to leave after a terrible event occurred. Now Liv’s back, grown up and here to plan her friend Sam’s wedding. Cal and Liv were friends growing up, but now there’s an attraction between them – to ignore or not?

This book is the second in the Homeland series, but I had no problems jumping in at book two. The book comes alive from the very first page, namely because of the detailed characters Ackers has created. Both the main characters, Liv and Cal, are likeable (I’d even say lovable when it comes to Cal) and have an interesting back story. Plus, when they are together on the page, sparks really do fly! The supporting characters, such as Sam (who appeared in the first book, Ask Me to Stay) are quirky but realistic. They could easily be your friends or neighbours (actually, I think they are much nicer than some of my neighbours!). Plus, there is the hilarious Boo the Goose, a goose with guard dog tendencies. He was the icing on the cake for me as a bird lover!

I liked that the book didn’t solely focus around the potential romance between Liv and Cal. Sam’s continuing avoidance in relation to wedding planning and Cal’s staffing issues at the pub helped to keep the book realistic and have me thinking about more than one thing. The surprise wedding, although not personally my ideal wedding (I’d want it in the afternoon!), was just perfect for the characters involved. Ackers is a great writer with a talent for writing fun and entertaining stories. The romance is sweet, but definitely not corny.

I think that there is another book in the Homeland series to come, which I’ll be looking out for. I’m not ready to leave the town of Hinterdown just yet!


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