Today is National Bookshop Day!

(Image from Random House Australia)

In Australia today, we’re celebrating National Bookshop Day. Over the last few years, Australia has been hit by the closure of many bookshops, big and small (such as the wonderful Reader’s Feast in Melbourne- which has since reopened, Borders and Angus & Robertson). When you think about it, bookshops offer a service that most retail outlets don’t. They love their product. They love books. They want to talk about books and they know about books you would love. They’ll order books in for you. They will try to find the book with the pink cover that contained ‘the’ in the title. They’re happy and friendly. So celebrate them. Celebrate the fact that you can escape the daily grind just by walking inside. What other store offers a ticket to experience new worlds?

Around Australia, many local bookshops are having events today – check out the Facebook page (it contains some great pics, including Ryan Gosling!). But why not just stop by and check out your local? Even if you’re not in Australia, feel free to share the bookshop love.


6 thoughts on “Today is National Bookshop Day!

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  1. Exhausted from bookshop crawl and carrying all my loot!
    I’ve gone over my budget by 50% too – although if I’m not counting those for my son’s, I’m under budget, ha ha ha

  2. I love bookstores too. There’s always inspiration to be gained from their shelves. I didn’t know Reader’s Feast reopened! I was so sad when they closed because I spent countless hours holed up down there.

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