Mailbox Monday 12/8/13

It’s been a wet and rainy week. So rainy in fact that the doors have become swollen with moisture and they’re very difficult to open and close! (Unfortunately, not an excuse to skip work). I did manage to do some book shopping before the weather set in, plus both the newspaper delivery man and the Parcel Post man managed to keep my newspapers and books dry. Thank you to both – I hate soggy paper! Now for the books:

Went downtown with the spoils of my terrifyingly long shift in my pocket and came away with a book I’ve wanted to read for ages – The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay. I hadn’t seen this cover before and fell in love. Set in 1870s Manhattan, this is the story of Moth, struggling to make ends meet. I also bought a copy of The End of the Affair by Graham Greene for Savidge Reads‘ GreeneforGran.

I won a copy of Colette Caddle’s From This Moment On from Colette’s website – so lovely! It has a lovely inscription on the inside, so I’m really chuffed because I’ve liked her work since I read some short stories of hers in Girls’ Night In and the sequels. This is about a bad former boss who seems to be making a lot of trouble in Lynn’s life.

Before I talk about Tampa by Alissa Nutting, I just want to make clear the picture is a buttonhole. (There’s a picture of the button on the back). Yes, I thought it was something else initially too. Tampa is causing a lot of waves (some bookshops refuse to stock it) – it’s about a female teacher with an appetite for young teenage boys. I’m sure it’s going to be confronting! Thanks to All the Books I Can Read and Allen and Unwin for the prize.

Well, it looks like it’s about to pour again so I think it’s time for a hot chocolate and book. I believe that Bermuda Onion is hosting Mailbox Monday this month, so do drop in and share your finds! Mailbox Monday, started by Marcia, is the place to come and share your recent book acquisitions and walk away with a huge wish list!


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  1. A nice mix of books – the cover of Tampa is my favourite (and, yes, it is very confronting, but also quite funny). I’m keen to read The Virgin Cure now – hadn’t seen it before.

  2. Glad you were able to add to your bookshelves. I had another dry (as in no new books) week. The weather here has been rainy, but not enough to swell the doorjams. YUCK!

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