New Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters in Australia!

A break today from books, so look away now if you were keen to read about reading! One of my other fascinations is makeup, in particular lip products. Last year, I blogged about how the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters took beauty bloggers and fans alike by storm. Eventually, I ended up with the entire collection. You can read my posts here, here, again here and finally here. I love these; they’re similar in feel to Dior’s Addict Extreme Lipsticks but a much nicer price.

I was pleasantly surprised on a recent Priceline visit to find that not only were Revlon lip products buy one, get one free but the new colours were hiding in a corner of the stand! As the lip butters retail for $21.95 AUD, this was a very good deal! I quickly snapped up all four colours. These were released earlier this year in America for their spring/summer. I wish that more companies would release internationally at similar times, like Dior, but I suppose we can’t have Aussies wearing summer colours in winter!

The four colours are (from left to right) 053 Sorbet, 027 Juicy Papaya, 047 Pink Lemonade and 063 Wild Watermelon. All pictures are taken in natural light without flash. However, it was really windy and clouds kept passing over while taking the pics!

Sorbet is a bright dark pink on me. It has no shimmer and feels a little drier than some of the other lip butters. Juicy Papaya is a mid-coral orange, again with no shimmer. It feels lovely on the lips, but doesn’t give much of a coral colour on my lips – just makes them look lighter and a little more warm toned. I think in future, I would pair it with a Clinique Chubby Stick such as Oversized Orange to try to bring out the orange more. Pink Lemonade is a light pink with a little bit of shimmer (that thankfully I can’t feel). This shows up as a frosty pink on my lips. I think it could be used to help make some bright lipsticks a little more office friendly. Juicy Watermelon is cool blue-red that comes out really strongly on my lips. I think it’s the most moisturising feeling out of the four.

Here are some light swatches on my (cold!) NC20 arm – all swatched twice but the colour is very buildable on lips. From left to right: 053 Sorbet, 027 Juicy Papaya, 047 Pink Lemonade and 063 Wild Watermelon,

I decided to compare these with some of the other available lip butters. Happily, I can say that these colours are all quite unique to the collection. Sorbet (in the middle) is much darker than 090 Sweet Tart (left) but much lighter and less berry toned than 075 Lollipop.

Juicy Papaya (middle) adds another coral-orange to the collection. 025 Peach Parfait on the left is much pinker (and grittier) but 015 Tutti Frutti is a darker, more true orange

Pink Lemonade in the middle looks a much softer pink and warmer than the cool-hued 005 Sugar Frosting on the left. 045 Cotton Candy is a darker and brighter pink in comparison.

Finally, Wild Watermelon in the middle is like the offspring of 035 Candy Apple (left) and 070 Cherry Tart. Candy Apple is a slightly darker red without blue tones, while Cherry Tart is a deeper blue red.

Are you a fan? Do any of the new colours fill a gaping hole in your lipstick armour?


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  1. Every time I see one of your Revlon Lip Butters posts I have to remind myself to give them a try. I like the little flavored pots of Nivea Lip Butter, but they don’t have any color, just a shine.

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