Mailbox Monday 4/11/13

Powering through the months here! Our new Mailbox Monday host this month is Crystal at I totally paused! – please do share your new bookish acquisitions!

I had a pretty hectic week last week that involved some unexpected things, plus I was also working extra hours. I was very, very glad when Saturday came and I treated myself to some new books. These are all from the Penguin Street Art series.

Lights Out for the Territory by Iain Sinclair is a non-fiction book looking at nine different routes across London.

Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris is about a group of work colleagues and the things that are happening to them.

The Believers by Zoe Heller is about a family confronting a secret after a long marriage.

What a Carve Up by Jonathan Coe is about a family dynasty where things are going to turn rather bad…

I love the covers – I think one of the things that will have people buying books is a striking cover. Do you agree? I’m hoping to collect a few more in this series to look lovely on my shelves.

What did you receive in the mail over the previous week?


9 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday 4/11/13

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  1. I haven’t come across these books before. Love the covers! Yes, I’m totally drawn to an eye-catching cover. I think my fave cover is What a Carve Up, but Then We Came to the End sounds really good too.
    Hope this week is less hectic for you.

  2. Hi Sam,
    I am not sure that I would be attracted to these books, purely for their covers, although I have to admit that the previous general cover art was pretty boring! and these new editions would look pretty cool on display. I guess that you will need to collect the remaining 6 titles to make up the full set.
    It did focus my attention on a couple of title which are heading for my reading list though. ‘The Believers’ and ‘What A Carve Up’ both sound great, so thanks for bringing them to my attention.
    Enjoy your new finds and have a good week,


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